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Fields of Gold

Continuing our adventures in Idaho Falls, we had another set of waterfalls awaiting, and we met some furry friends along the way!

I'm not sure who this little ground squirrely fella was, but we spotted him and his whiskers running around in the grass! Perhaps a distant cousin to our backyard buddies?

Small animal in Idaho

These fuzzy, perky-eared llamas were hilarious to watch. I'm always surprised at the color variations they can have, but the white ones sure are pretty little cloud puffs!

Llamas in Idaho

In the city, we discovered a delicious gem called Sweet Leaf Cakery, and acquired homemade cupcakes that were out of this world! We will certainly be returning for more of Nicole's decadent creations!

While enjoying rolling green fields next to the road, we were dumbfounded when they transitioned into massive expanses of yellow flowers!

Mountains and fields in Idaho

Yellow flowers in fields in Idaho

Yellow flowers in fields in Idaho

We had our adopted pup, Blaze, adventuring with us on this trip, so I was able to snag some beauty shots of him among the wildflowers. He's smiling for the camera in the second one!

Fall Creek Falls has beautiful green, marshy islands in the midst of the Snake River! It was such a pretty day, we could have sat down and enjoyed this view for hours!

The falls themselves were surrounded by moss, and we may just have to get into the refreshing water, next time we visit. It's a bit of a treacherous slide down, but I'm pretty sure it would be worth it!

Fall Creek Falls in Idaho

After wrapping up our summer jaunt, we had a wonderful mountainous drive back to the comforts of home.

Mountains in Idaho


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