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A Dip into Idaho Falls

Idaho is a mere two and a half hours from us now, and since a trip past the Tetons is always fantastic, we had to go check it out! The drive to Idaho Falls traverses mountain passes, wide open fields, and more trees than you can shake a stick at!

Jackson, Wyoming from the mountains above

Jackson, Wyoming from the mountains above

The Grand Tetons from the Idaho side
Grand Teton peeking jaggedly over the rolling mountains from the Idaho side
Mountains and green hills in Idaho

Blankets of mountains in Idaho

You are almost guaranteed to see some sort of wildlife as you pass through Jackson Hole, and this time was no exception. As we drove deep into the mountains, we saw a beautiful red fox trotting along not far from the road! Upon reaching Idaho Falls, we checked into a dog-friendly hotel right across from the titular cascade.

Idaho Falls in Idaho Falls, Idaho

Idaho Falls in Idaho Falls, Idaho

We shared some tranquil moments in a Japanese Friendship Garden, walking amongst the trees and listening to the water. With summer finally in full swing, there were plenty of flowers and greenery to enjoy!

The city has a round-about near the river, with a most impressive rock formation called "The Protector" that displays a statue of a nest and several massive eagles. Apparently their wingspan is over twenty feet across!

The Protector, eagle statue in Idaho Falls, Idaho

We swung by a drive-through safari, which, while not the most exciting we have experienced, still offered a fanciful scene of a giant grizzly bear bathing happily in a pond. We were pleased that he had a way to beat the summer heat. Check out those killer claws!

There's lots more nature coming in part two of this trip, but for now, I'll leave you with two cubs on their log perch, gazing wondrously into the horizon.

Bear cubs on logs


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