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Venturing Deeper into Idaho

We didn't get enough of Idaho during our previous trip, so Boise was calling our name! Grey and texturized Tetons blew past us on our way, as we headed for the border of Wyoming.

Grand Teton, Teton Mountain Range in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Entering the next state over, a band of horses popped out of the trees into a field, and we pulled over to say hi.

Horses in Idaho

Joining the horses were two mules; a unique, white-splashed one gleaming in the early sunshine, along with a traditional brown one.

Driving past the same golden fields as our last trip to the state, we were met by more beautiful green hills.

Idaho hills

After the greenery, we pulled over to check out a dark, sharply-cut canyon and a waterfall over which a turkey vulture silently soared.

Canyon in Idaho

Waterfall in Idaho

Thirsty for more cascading water, we visited Twin Falls, and were not disappointed!

We polished off the day with a stroll around a lazy lagoon at a park, and the peaceful ambience was just what we needed after a long drive.

A stone bench along the path remarked, "Here you may breathe the fragrance of friendship. Its essence is eternal."

Esther Simplot Park in Boise, Idaho


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