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Boise Badgers & Sawtooth Mountains

Our second day in Idaho began with a wild badger right in the middle of Boise, and ended on a spontaneous three-hour side trip into the mountains!

As we stopped for breakfast at a large grocery store, we were shocked to see a badger trotting across the parking lot and right past the entrance of the store! It proceeded to sniff at each trash can it passed, then stopped to gaze at its soaking wet reflection in a window, before casually disappearing into the nearby bushes. What a cool way to start the day!

After our close encounter, we visited the Boise Rose Garden and saw some fabulous blossoms! They were glistening with fresh droplets, and we had a peaceful time wandering the grounds.

There was a lovely blue fountain there, and we even spotted lots of tiny mushrooms nestled amongst the grass!

Rose Garden fountain in Boise, Idaho

While exploring the city, we saw some fantastic street art, especially at Freak Alley!

Street art in Freak Alley in Boise, Idaho
If you look closely, the peaks are actually howling wolves!

Street art in Freak Alley in Boise, Idaho
I love how this artwork implies that life on the road is home.

We grabbed lunch and some vegan donuts, serendipitously asking some locals about scenic drives nearby. The Sawtooth Mountains were recommended to us, and we decided to skip town and take the long way back. The heavily forested drive was fantastic, and we enjoyed the journey as well as the destination!

Mountains near Boise, Idaho

Mountains near Boise, Idaho

A golden eagle soared across the mountains when we stopped at an overlook, perfecting the view.

Mountains near Boise, Idaho

We slowed down to admire some of the smaller things in life, too...some lichen growing on an old wooden fence caught my eye.

After driving a few hours through the forest, we finally came within view of the Sawtooth range. It was gorgeous!

Sawtooth Mountains in Idaho

We stopped by Redfish Lake, and dipped our toes into its famously clear water, while admiring the view.

Redfish Lake near Sawtooth Mountains in Idaho

Redfish Lake near Sawtooth Mountains in Idaho

We watched a cute squirrel scamper up a nearby fence, then headed off as darkness fell, watching fireworks from the road. We had a wonderful trip, and can't wait to see even more of Idaho's lovely mountains!

Squirrel in Idaho


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