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Zoo Boise

Continuing our Idaho adventure, we visited Zoo Boise, which was full of sweet animals and great photo opportunities.

First up, we met a delightful little meerkat who happily posed for my camera.

Meerkat at Zoo Boise
Meerkat at Zoo Boise

We also got to see a hilarious, raggedy Sloth Bear eat her breakfast. I just loved her crazy fur and insanely long claws!

Sloth Bear at Zoo Boise

From there we came across two fantastic bird species; the Stellar's Sea Eagle, whose massive size still haunts me...

Stellar's Sea Eagle at Zoo Boise

And the Southern Ground Hornbill, who sported the most fabulous eyelashes I've ever seen!

Southern Ground Hornbill at Zoo Boise

Southern Ground Hornbill at Zoo Boise

There was a giant tortoise with a beautiful round shell, who gazed dolefully in our direction.

Tortoise at Zoo Boise

And we decided to let sleeping lions lie...

Lion at Zoo Boise

I gave an underwater shot a try with this adorable rock hopper penguin, as he darted to and fro in his large aquarium.

Penguin at Zoo Boise

And we enjoyed watching this sweet little Capybara bask in his enclosure. Someday, maybe we'll get to see one in the wild!

Capybara at Zoo Boise

A beautiful giraffe took a stoic walk about the grounds, showing off his lovely patches as he wound through the tall trees.

One of the last creatures we had the pleasure of witnessing was the African Wild Dog. A large gang of them were running in a pack together, making lots of noise and having a blast. Their coats are just stunning!

African Wild Dogs at Zoo Boise

Lastly, we greatly enjoyed a long zebra encounter. We can't get enough of these striped beauties!

Zebra at Zoo Boise

Check out the muzz fuzz on this guy! He also had a big smile for us, otherwise known as the flehmen response. And finally, his carousel doppelganger couldn't be left out, as we wrapped up a fun day at the zoo!


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