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Winter Wrap-Up

Chilly mornings, icy peaks, frigid flights, and the last of the antlers before shedding season... I've collected the miscellaneous landscape and wildlife pictures that didn't fall into other posts, to wrap up this year's winter season!

A buck with a thick crown of antlers

The sun glints off a raven's wings

A mule deer against the barren winter landscape

Mesmerizing ice crystals

A deer pauses a moment in a pale field

Snowy peaks disregard the warm blue sky

A young mule deer nuzzles a doe

Canada Geese hone their fighter jet choreography over the mountains

A fuzzy young deer with a white-flecked coat

Frost on our window looking like a massive snowy mountain range from above

A lovely doe contrasts beautifully with her snowy surroundings

The warmth of spring is fast approaching...what is your favorite aspect of winter's end? I love wet snows that cling to everything like frost, walking through sunshine and snow without a jacket, and listening to melting icicles.


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