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South Dakota Sights

Day two in South Dakota, we drove back up into the hills, which were no longer cloaked with mist. Mount Rushmore had been completely hidden from view when we arrived, but we tried again and it was beautifully clear!

Mount Rushmore, South Dakota

The presidential faces carved into the mountainside did not disappoint, and it was fun to see something so historic.

Mount Rushmore, South Dakota

After the previous fur-filled day, we dived straight back in with a visit to Old MacDonald's Farm. They had friendly ponies, scruffy donkeys, llamas, a mob of goats, bunnies, fuzzy chicks, and so many other barnyard animals! We had a blast feeding and loving on them.

Ewe sheep in South Dakota
This mama of twins was just glowing!

The twin lambs were so young, they still had their umbilical cords. They were so sweet and I loved the black speckles on the little one's legs!

Twin lambs in South Dakota

Lamb in South Dakota

This darling baby goat was my favorite of the huge herd that overran us when we came into their yard with food. He was so short and fuzzy and perfectly adorable!

Baby goat in South Dakota

It was wonderful that spring brought so many baby animals into the world. Back home in Wyoming, little black calves had started to dot the pastures along with their mothers. Goslings waddled around the edges of the back field, closely trailing their parents. And here on our trip, the farm was filled with sweet baby chicks and snuggly lambs, content to sit in your palm or relax in your arms. What a special time of year!

Not to be outdone by the younguns, this gentle, tattered donkey came over to say hi to us, as well. He had such wise and caring eyes.

Donkey in South Dakota

After the fuzz-fest, we drove through the forest to a beautiful Norwegian chapel. A replica of the Borgund Stavkirke in Norway, it's embellished with gorgeous wooden shingles and intricate carvings.

Chapel in the Hills, South Dakota

The gift shop, called a Stabbur, had a quaint grass-covered roof, and there was a small museum on the property, as well. The back of the stave church rose up in round turrets, and the entire building was an outstanding work of art.

Chapel in the Hills, South Dakota

Here are more close-ups of the architecture...

We took a quiet walk up the Meditation Trail behind the chapel, which was lined with statues, before the sun set on another beautiful day in South Dakota.

Chapel in the Hills, South Dakota


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