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Fitzpatrick Wilderness Trailhead

At the lower edge of the Shoshone National Forest are three lakes leading up to the Fitzpatrick Wilderness. While it was too late in the day to hike out on any of the lengthy trails available, we still had a lovely afternoon checking out the creek and surrounding areas.

Whiskey Mountain on a gorgeous, blue-skied day

The trees are thick on the mountains here, protecting one side of Ring Lake as you head up toward the wilderness. It's so wonderful to live near blankets of trees, again!

The lakes are still mostly frozen, and you can sometimes spot ice fishers camped out on the solidified water. The air was still and quiet and we soaked up the radiant day.

Near the trailhead is a large rock formation on the side of a mountain, which must hold quite a view!

Torrey Creek is mostly buried in snow, but earth-toned rocks are visible beneath the rippling surface in some areas. Just listening to the sound of the water makes you wish for splashing summer days...which is saying a lot, for a snow bunny like me!

Melting snow feeds the creek

If you've been following me for awhile, you have probably noticed that I have a special place for moss and lichen, and our stint by the creek did not disappoint!

A volcanic rock
A stunning color combination of mustard and ash-gray

After our quick but much-enjoyed trip, we headed back toward town, snapping a final shot of the heavily-treed mountains. We are very much looking forward to returning some early spring morning for a good, long hike!


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