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Duck, duck, move!

With a promising new job secured, my boyfriend and I had just three weeks to prep for and make the move from southern Nevada to northern Wyoming. A flurry of excitement, disbelief, errands, phone calls, paperwork, appointments, time spent with family, and packing, ensued.

We still carved out time to go visit the ducks at our favorite spot, before heading out. The eyes on these birds were out of control - blood red, crystal blue, and even one with Sectoral Heterochromia, or two-toned eyes.

Can you help me identify the gray and black bird with the awesome aquatic feet, in the first two pictures? I'd love to find out what it is - let me know in the comments if you have a guess!

It took a giant zoom lens to feel this close, but I nabbed one final shot of the Las Vegas mountains from the deck, to remind myself that they were truly magnificent, and that snow does happen in the desert! The rugged, layered peaks of Vegas were a far cry from the forest green mountains I grew up under the shadow of, but they have their own majesty, and visual interest to spare - check out those phenomenal stripes! A swan song to remember.

Mountains with snow cover in Las Vegas, Nevada
Striped Vegas mountains

Here is the last hummingbird to visit before we jetted out of Vegas; one of the few living creatures you could see from a second-story apartment, even in the far reaches of the city. I will miss these little guys whirring around every morning, and hope it's not too cold for their northern cousins to brighten up our days in Wyoming.

Hummingbird on tree branch in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Hummie came to say goodbye!

The trip through Arizona, Utah, and Wyoming was an easy 800 miles; mostly open range through sparsely-populated countryside. We didn't stop often, due to the moving truck and auto transport trailer, but I snapped a few snowy shots along the drive. My favorite pit stop was in Orem, Utah, where the icy peaks were an exhilarating early morning sight.

We arrived in our new town braced to unload the moving truck in a blizzard, but were happily met by light jacket weather and a friendly, "Welcome home!" to go with our shiny new set of keys. The view from our backyard was as pretty as we remembered, complete with deer to greet us from the back field.

After bringing in a few essential items, we settled down to process the thrilling whirlwind of change our lives had undergone in less than a month. And thus, the new adventure began...


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