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Dubois Overlook & Museum

Perched atop the badlands, our small town's scenic overlook has views of spiraling mountains, crumbling towers of rock, rolling hills, and beautiful sunsets.

Ramshorn Peak and Badlands in small remote town of Dubois, Wyoming

Cool temperatures wrap around you from this high vantage point, and it's a thought-provoking place to be...if you're lucky enough for the Wyoming winds to take a calm breath.

Noon Rocks and mountains in small remote town of Dubois, Wyoming

Also to be found in our new town is the museum; small yet filled with the history of the Scandinavian tie hacks, bighorn relics, Indian artistry, crystal formations, and much more. Some of my favorites were the paintings, especially those depicting local wildlife. With descriptions naming each species, it was exciting to put names to some of the little creatures we've seen darting around, since we moved here!

Quite a few cabins and small buildings have been transported to the museum property, making up a fascinating little collection, like a tiny ghost town.

Swan's Service Station at museum in Dubois, Wyoming
Swan's Service Station gas pump detail at museum in Dubois, Wyoming

Out back you can browse through a large collection of antiques, mostly comprised of farming machinery. In the front, paintings of the Old West adorn the exteriors.

The museum runs a ton of activities throughout the year for photographers, star gazers, kids, and even those with an interest in geology. It's great to see the town come alive as summer approaches!


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