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Discovering Dubois

Doo-BWAH? I had never heard of this tiny town in Wyoming, and wondered why it would have a French moniker. Upon searching it on Wikipedia, I quickly found out some charming history regarding the name, and learned its "proper" pronunciation: DOO-boyz, as in dewpoint and cowboys.

Small remote mountain town of Dubois, Wyoming
Bird's eye view of Dubois!

I heard of this little gem of a town because my boyfriend had recently applied to a company whose multiple locations included Dubois. Little did I know as I chuckled at the cute story behind the name, that within a few short weeks, we would be packing up our life in Las Vegas, Nevada, and hitting the road for this inspiring haven tucked between the mountains and the badlands.

Badlands near small remote mountain town of Dubois, Wyoming.
A Taste of The Badlands


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