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Art & Whimsy of Dubois

A walk through Dubois, Wyoming produces many points of interest and picturesque photo ops. From arches made of naturally-shed elk antlers, to sculptures of native Wyoming wildlife, there is something on every corner!


A varied assortment of statues can be found throughout town, from bronze to full-colored fiberglass. This gigantic elk bull lives under the shadow of the teepees at the Wind River KOA campground.

The cute little jackalope below is one of my favorite quirky pieces in town. The antler elk on the bottom right had a sibling in the now-closed Ripley's Believe It or Not! museum in Jackson.

If tourists need to do a load of laundry, or truckers need a hot shower, they must pass through the jaws of a massive buffalo skull mounted at the corner of the laundromat. Other statues pay homage to the cowboy lifestyle here, along with the epic wildlife.


Homey signs dot the businesses and bulletin boards around town, from a thieving burro to old saddles mounted on hitching posts around the thrift shop.


Hidden fairy gardens and eccentric finds are just waiting to be discovered, the more we explore the area. One of main street's gift shops boasts a miniature water wheel, which is operational in the warmer months.


There are some talented artists here in Dubois, and their work can be appreciated throughout town. Stunning carved moose antler masterpieces, vibrant murals splashed across whole sides of buildings, and rustic artwork are just some of the fabulous finds we have enjoyed.

I'm sure there is much more yet to stumble upon, and we look forward to all that this whimsical cowboy town has to serve up.


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