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Architecture of a Cowboy Town

Sign in Dubois, Wyoming

Moving to a tiny mountain town has held plenty of charm, and I thought I would finally take the opportunity to share some of the architecture of Dubois that I've been collecting since the winter!

Main street in Dubois, Wyoming
The setting sun illuminates the Western facades on the main street of Dubois

Along the main drag, an Old West-style boardwalk lines both sides of the street, with local ranches and names of citizens branded into the wood.

Old Western boardwalk in Dubois, Wyoming

This dilapidated Steakhouse sign has recently been replaced by the Honey House, so I'm glad I nabbed a picture of it in time!

Steakhouse in Dubois, Wyoming

Honey House in Dubois, Wyoming

St. Thomas' Episcopal Church has been in use since 1910, and its quaint bell tower still rings out every Sunday to call the members of the community to service.

St. Thomas' Episcopal Church in Dubois, Wyoming

Horse Creek Station is my favorite example of cowboy architecture in town, with its knotty pillars and embedded wooden lettering. On some evenings, the door sports a hand-written note letting customers know that the owner is gone teaching football practice. Too cute!

Horse Creek Station in Dubois, Wyoming

This deserted old house has texture in spades! I love the robin egg color, as well.

Nearby, this red brick bank has been boarded up for close to a hundred years.

Bank in Dubois, Wyoming

The Twin Pines Lodge is where we first stayed upon visiting Dubois, and I just love the sloped roof in the back! The interior is every bit as rustic as you would imagine.

Twin Pines Lodge in Dubois, Wyoming

Nestled under an epic pine tree, the Cowboy Cafe serves delicious food, and is known for its vast offering of pies.

Cowboy Cafe in Dubois, Wyoming

We have yet to visit "the world's most unique bar", The Rustic Pine Tavern, but their storefront sure is awesome!

Rustic Pine Tavern in Dubois, Wyoming

The historic Welty's General Store has sadly been closed this year, but we're hopeful they will re-open sometime in the future so we can experience the inside!

Welty's General Store in Dubois, Wyoming

Welty's General Store in Dubois, Wyoming

Here are some wooden doors from around town; the one with the diagonal slats belonged to a very old barn which was demolished this summer.

Old door in Dubois, Wyoming

Old barn door in Dubois, Wyoming

There are a few perfectly weathered signs for businesses around town, if you keep your eyes up.

Lastly, here are some of the signs for the area, along with the local high school's hillside letter. Dubois sure is a unique and wonderful cowboy town!


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