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A Frosty Morning by Horse Creek

Running perpendicular to Dubois, Horse Creek leads you past badlands, sprawling cattle ranches, shy herds of pronghorn antelope, and into bear country. My boyfriend had been out that way on work time and wanted to show me the beautiful scenery, so we headed out on a frosty morning to explore what lay just beyond our little town!

Along the side of Horse Creek Road, we found moss insistently pushing past the icy flakes as it clung to an old, damp fence. All sorts of mosses are thriving this time of year, biting wind and snow notwithstanding!

It's so quiet out here surrounded by fields and hills; an indescribable change from the constant activity and noise of the city we just moved from. Mist closes over the nearby mountains as we take in the beauty and stillness like a breath of fresh air.

The creek has seen so much snowfall, it looks as if part of it runs underground. Snow caves in around the edges as the water gnaws at the frozen landscape.

We stop to take a short hike, despite a nearby warning of danger. By the looks of the sign, someone before us came fully prepared for any eventuality.

The views were worth the risk! Low-hanging clouds cover the distant mountains, and I can't wait to see this view again in the summer! We have already discovered numerous mountain peaks hiding behind the winter cloud cover...landscapes change drastically here from week to week, depending on the visibility.

Beautiful ruddy brush fills up the white fields, while deep green pine trees cover the hills, and the smell of the clean air is enough to make you beam with happiness.

I took one last shot of the creek cutting through the heavy snow, and appreciated the bits of white still resting on some of the tree branches.

As we turned for home, a lovely black horse fittingly bid us farewell. We will certainly be back for more hikes and adventures along Horse Creek.


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