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Spring Summary

Spring in Dubois is not unlike winter, as flowers and grass don't appear until full-on summer. Just the same, we had some great wildlife encounters and some scenic shots that didn't fall into other blog posts, so here is a summary of springtime moments!

Various Animals

Peacock in Wyoming

Peacock in Wyoming
These gorgeous peacocks roam freely on a farm in Riverton.

Pronghorn mother and baby
A mother and baby pronghorn pause for a brief photo op.

Turkey vulture
A turkey vulture soars over the hills behind our house.

A friendly donkey in Wyoming.

Little ground squirrels in our backyard.

A buffalo near the Wind River Reservation.

Turkey vulture against dark blue sky
A turkey vulture flying through moody skies.

A pronghorn assesses me as I stop along the road to grab its picture.


Orange sunset clouds
Orange sherbet clouds over our house.

Pink sunset clouds
A pink and orange sunset behind our house.

Golden sunset over trees
And another golden sunset over the trees.


Snowy mountain
Snowy peaks in Wyoming.

Rocky valley
A vast beautiful red streak of rock in a valley.

Badlands in Wyoming
Grey badlands in Wyoming.

Badlands in Wyoming
Nearly purple stripes in the badlands.


Mule deer in Wyoming
This is Pig, a very possessive buck who visited our yard regularly this spring.

Mule deer in Wyoming
A beautiful buck with velvet antlers coming in.

A collection of deer seen from our backyard. The first has a big smile!

Mule deer in Wyoming
This is Chips, one of the friendliest does who visits our yard.

Mule deer fawn in Wyoming
And lastly, a sweet young mule deer doe.


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